LeafSpring School at Cibolo Canyons

July 15, 2021

Pre-K: Naming Letters Is Not a Straight Path to Literacy: Here’s Why

“The best predictor of beginning reading achievement is a child’s knowledge of letter names” (Adams, 1990). 

I am sure that you have heard this statement. It is one of the most popular quotes about letters, and it is routinely shared with educators in professional development sessions, on websites, and in curricula. Unfortunately, some have interpreted this to mean that teaching children to name letters in isolation is a straight path to literacy. If only that were true! Teaching children to say the names of letters will not be enough.

This blog from Learning Without Tears describes different types of letter knowledge, pinpoint the “Big Picture” or system within which letters operate, identify the most important type of letter knowledge, suggest a routine for introducing new letters, and share ways to model the use of letters. Check it out!

– Adria Bader, Director of Curriculum Development at LeafSpring Schools