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Read these amazing reviews for LeafSpring School at Cibolo Canyons!

Parents can’t say enough good things about LeafSpring Schools and find out what it’s like to be part of our family!


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Reviews for LeafSpring Schools

Read our parent reviews and find out what it’s like to be part of our LeafSpring School family.


We keep hoping we can move back.

“We used Rainbow Station/LeafSpring for 5 years and over that time, the program just continued to grow and get better.  Our kids spanned from infants to after school care.  We got to experience every grade level.  It was amazing being able to pick all of our 3 children up at one location as our oldest got transported from public school to the after school care.  Frequently our kids would not want to leave.  Ms. Stacey, the school nurse at Get Well Place, was so caring and attentive.  It is nice to have an option for a mildly sick child who you cannot pick up right away as well.  We unfortunately had to move away and all we can do is compare our current daycare (which costs about twice as much, without the included lunches, and much less focus on learning/education) to LeafSpring and are constantly sad at what we have lost.  Every daycare has their ups and downs, including losses of good teachers and turnover.  But Ms. Erin, the director, has been a consistent level headed and understanding highlight of the school.  We keep hoping we can move back.”

– Katie Edwards

Awesome Care

“They take awesome care of my kids, and they are always learning something new. Love it here and would highly recommend it to my friends!”

– Kristen Schramme

Best Place For Your Child

“My son is really thriving here. I could not be happier with staff, the work they are doing with him, and the way he is learning. This is without a doubt the best place to go for your child. Look no further”

–Brian Stanford

Amazing School

“We love LeafSpring School at Cibolo Canyons! My daughter has learned more in the last several months than she did in the last year at her last school. She’s also so much happier and so are we! So glad we found this amazing school!!”

–Diana Sayre