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We Work Hard So Your Child Thrives


At LeafSpring School, our teachers and staff are experts at nurturing trusting relationships with each child so they thrive in our programs. They work hard every day to support your child to help them be ready for school and for life.

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Through small group interactions with their teacher, children participate in self-selected learning centers. Learning centers include music, sensory, science, math, library, writing, and dramatic play with technology infused throughout.
You won’t find this curriculum anywhere else, since a panel of some of our top educators and child development experts developed it.

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Importance of learning through play


Teaching leadership skills to young children is a fundamental part of our curriculum. Our leadership program, INSPIRED, is designed to integrate with and enhance the PLAYWORKS curriculum we teach each day.
Through this leadership program, we focus on six significant life literacies: Social, Health, Environmental, Civic, Entrepreneurial, and Financial. We want each child to be inspired to reach their fullest potential!

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Leadership and Early Childhood

Art Gallery, The Village


Preschool plays an important role in establishing an educational foundation for children. Concepts and skills are presented and continuously reinforced through intentional teaching and incorporating language arts, math, science, social studies and STEAM. They participate in extracurricular activities such as physical education, music, and word studies as is age appropriate in most schools. We work hard so each child enters school confident, prepared, happy and excited about learning!

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Improtance of Early Childhood Education

Learning through building.


Research stresses the importance of an array of learning experiences during a young child’s life. Teachers design lessons to support children’s interest in a particular topic while addressing a child’s strengths and areas of growth. If a group of children find a frog on the playground, perhaps next week’s theme will be amphibians. Topics allow for flexibility and spontaneity to support a child’s natural curiosity.
Additionally, children ages three and up participate in monthly field trips to broaden their experiences and allow for instruction outside each classroom.

Why varied experiences matter


Children’s learning increases ten fold when they establish a positive, stable and supporting relationship with their teacher. At LeafSpring School, your child is placed in an age-appropriate classroom and remains in that classroom for the academic year to establish meaningful relationships with his or her teachers. Teachers change aspects of the classroom to accommodate your child’s academic growth and development during the school year. To further nurture and support the teacher child relationship, children learn and grow in small primary groups.

Importance of Supportive Relationships


Throughout the year, enrolled children are individually assessed through play-based observations. Formal developmentally appropriate assessments are developmentally appropriate assessments are typically done during the fall and spring. After the fall assessment, teachers adapt lesson plans to enhance and build upon each child’s strengths while addressing any areas needing support.
Results of both assessments are shared with parents during parent-teacher conferences. In addition to developmental evaluations, teachers maintain a portfolio of student’s work (art, photographs, writing samples, etc.) to demonstrate academic, social and physical milestones achieved during the school year.

COR Advantage Assessments

Our Accreditations

We have invested in the professional development and knowledge of our school and staff to bring your child the highest level of education, care, and growth. Accredited both nationally and by the state of Texas you know LeafSpring School is a name you can trust!

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